Thursday, May 5, 2011

TV Spot promoting 14th Annual Westville Village ArtWalk, this Friday and Saturday!

Frank is one of the many artists who will be showing their work during the ArtWalk on Friday and Saturday this weekend.  Frank's studio will be open from 11-3pm on Saturday, May 7th. Give yourself a lot of time to visit the whole neighborhood and bring the kids and grandkids or whatever kids are in your life as there are going to be many kinds of art (painting/sculpture/theatre/moving theatre/music/fashion/singing) to celebrate at this event..... check out my TV appearance on Channel 3 in Hartford where I have no shame promoting our art, in this short video: Me promoting the ArtWalk

And go to the ArtWalk Schedule for all the details. If you come for the day, you will see our village at it's best and understand why Frank chose Westville, the people and the scenery to be the subjects for 2 entire bodies of work. Need a reminder?  Here is the Occupational Spirit series, and below is a piece from his West Rock Series, most of which have found their homes on the walls of our neighbors!
West Rock in Autumn  original oil painting by Frank Bruckmann©

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