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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two Successful Bruckmann Happenings….

October was a full month….Frank spent early October in PA painting bucolic landscapes, including Radnor Township's favorite (and perhaps soon-to-be-developed) Ardrossan Farm. He also sought out paintworthy farmscapes out Goshen Road, which we then hung up promptly, in time for our 6th Annual Landscape Event.

Citywide Open Studios in New Haven brought many neighbors, clients and unique visitors to Frank's studio, here in our backyard-artsy-Westville-mecca. For those uninitiated, Westville has gathered many many that are in the arts, and when we throw open our doors, as we do, annually in the fall for New Haven's Citywide Open Studios, and in the Spring for the Westville Village ArtWalk, it is a wonderful scene, as people flock in to see what these diverse artists have to offer .
Frank holding court in his studio during CWOS. photo credit: David Sepulveda.