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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Swimming, Painting, Eating....Warning

The Calanques of Cassis are limestone fjords for swimming and boating.  Last weekend we drove to Cassis at the end of the day and found a parking spot near the Calanque where you can bring your dog, and hiked up and down and up and down to find a very cool swimming beach with very salty buoyant water. Even Frank swam.

Les Calanques 

Near Cassis near sundown

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JumpingJorgie:  into the warm salty water

photos by Jorgie

Sitting across from the nexus of our village, Frank painted a postcard size painting of the road to Lambesc, to the right of his easel in the photo, and moved up to this larger canvas.

Frank painting the main road in Rognes
This car is in our backyard, over the property line. Perfect for a photo shoot. Baguette, dog and kid only add to it....

Arlo, Baguette, Car, credit, Jorgie.

We eat every day and some meals don't require photos....but this morning we ate a fried egg over the leftover onion tart I made the other day with tomatoes that are REAL tomatoes and, omg, the Provencal melon...but, to clarify, these are the tomatoes and melons of my youth, the ones we'd eat from the local farm near my Grandparents' home in Glen Mills, PA. Just biting into these delights and the local nectarines zipped me back in time to hot summer afternoons at Grandma's, with my brothers, eating pounds of incredibly juicy and REALLY fresh produce that I thought I'd never taste again......until I am so appreciative of this small but really satisfying revelation....

Just a pretty breakfast
Caption contest: What was I risking hiking down this way????

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Our "Home" Town, Rognes.....

We chose well! This tiny village has already charmed us, and Frank has started what will be a very very productive phase. Although the narrow streets of Rognes barely accommodate two directions of traffic, this weekend enormous trucks are parked and popped open wide to create a carnival and weekend long “Fete Votive Rognes”. 

The bandstand blared with a French pop band doing covers of disco era music (lead singer looked like Barry Manilow with a very stiff wig and more make up than Tammy Faye Baker; back up singers in purple and pink satin.) All contrasted by the day time scene of cobbles, Cyprus trees, stone walls, fountains, outdoor cafes and pigeons. (see fountain photo in last blog entry!)

And this attraction, slide into a deflated water balloon, and then get blown and thrown into an inflated pool, pretend you are in a hamster ball....

Hilarious, and would NEVER be approved in the States.....

And....Frank and I married ourselves in front of my family and 2 friends, at the gorgeous Chapel St. Sixte in Egalyieres, Provence, 18 years we returned to show the kids...lovely.

Yesterday, Frank and Arlo resurfaced our gravel driveway to accommodate a BOULES court. It works. Just a bit chunky and clunky....

And after a quick dip to cool off, Frank went out to catch the afternoon light. Hazel and I met up with him on his way home.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"When Can I Paint?" asks Frank Bruckmann while Acclimating....

Sorting out all the stuff that needs to happen (car, phones, bank stuff) has stalled Frank's focus on getting out there to paint....naturally. He has slipped away a few times locally and yesterday a trip to the airport car rental place was rewarded with a drive to the coast of Marseille where the limestone rocks tumble into the turquoise Mediterranean! We found a tiny port in a jumble of curvy roller coaster-y narrow streets and soaked in the smells and breezes for a while...and Frank had packed our paints, so we both got out there and sketched for an hour. Lovely....

Back in our new village home, I shot some pics of the surroundings:
and the Pamplemousse corner store sells chanterelles:

Frank walking away from the house and towards his on-site studio with determination!

That day he snuck away for a few hours to practice French with those passing by and painted this lovely little "sketch"