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Thursday, July 25, 2019

TONIGHT! Showing off the Provence Body of Work in Berwyn, PA

So we have been home long enough to become reacquainted with our lovely friend and framers at the  Frame Shop and DaSilva Gallery in Westville! So many frames for so many paintings. And now they are ready to exhibit and find new homes....will they be findingYOUR home?  Hope so! To start things off:  for those in the area....tonight in Berwyn, PA, One Night Only Landscape Event....Frank Bruckmann, Provence in Pennsylvania . Two bodies of work sharing the same lovely space in a private home. Check out for MORE!  You MUST click on the thumbnails below to see the whole gorgeous painting!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Farewell to our Year in Rognes, Provence

Rented Studio of Frank Bruckmann. Rognes, France

The studio looked so naked when Frank packed up his was all fresh and white again...ready for the next person to come along and start fresh. I envy that person. It was a gorgeous year in Rognes. The house, the neighborhood, the village, the department -#13 bouches-de-rhone, the rest of France, and the rest of Europe....all at our fingertips. What an amazing part of the planet.
A favorite view revisited in all weather. Early spring morning...
Same time of day, early summer

Neighborhood vineyard and some of our neighbors (below) 

Exploring the region with the International Hiking Group of Provence was my Tuesday jam. I love this pic of Anouk and Claudia who are presenting the Calanques off Marseille....

Unbelievable hiking with my fabulous hiking group and above, a delightful swim off the coast of Marseille!

The Fete de la Musique, all over France, happened on our last night in Rognes. Frank, Jorgie, Anton and I danced and laughed a lot and afterwards walked home in the darkness....and then returned to a party where music was being made....

    Sweetest surprise as we drove away for the final time...with our bags packed and house closed up....our neighbors 


Our last painting together, fitting that we are toasting with rosé from Ansouis, the village in the background.

Our Fiat Panda, loaded up with plants to give away and later handed off to Louise and Nigel....

"Our" pretty house for the year, ready for the owner's return....

Friday, June 7, 2019

Crazy Fun May: Non-stop Exhibitions and Workshop Mayhem!


Above: all the posters from all the events in May

The month of May was unseasonably wet and cold and completely insane. Our big shindig was hosting a 8-night painting workshop with 6 hours daily of painting instruction for Frank's 10 students from the US, UK and Austria. He worked them so hard that they needed to be resuscitated with great food and wines from the region that we were happy to provide. Every night we had at least 18 around the table and I made some of my finest meals for all...but the sweetest reward was provided by the dessert team of Jorgie and her pal/artist Caitlin who excelled in making cheesecake, chocolate mousse and other delights. 

The artists painted "en plein air" and the locations couldn't have been more lovely....Ansouis, Bonnieux, Lacoste,  Lourmarin and in Rognes, at the artists' residence.  They painted all day at the Chateau St. Esteve de Neri in Ansouis where I delivered a gorgeous picnic onto the terrace of the estate where we  cleverly paired the vineyard's delish rosé.

The gang on top of Ansouis, a gorgeous village up high. 
Picnicking at the Chapel St. Marcellin in Rognes
Waiting for dinner at the Bastide du Fanny in Rognes
Drizzle chased artists under cover to paint this live model.


Frank giving a critique to his students before the concert
Gathering for the art exhibit and concert
Marie-Pierre Bout, piano, Jean-Christophe Selmi, violin
One "wall" of Frank's Expo at the Office of Tourism in Rognes
Behind the scenes:  Christine and I in the fridge on the big shopping spree at "Metro"
    Our hostess at the Bastide du Fanny, Marie-Pierre Bout, collaborated with us for an evening of art and music in which Frank's students displayed their work.   She played the piano accompanied by her friend, violinist Jean-Christophe Selmi to a crowd of 60+, many were their friends who brought desserts or wine from their vineyard for the after party. It was a fantastic event to end the workshop week.

Some of the goods...

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Aunt Christine!! In the house!

Visitors have given us the chance to show off what great discoveries we have made in this region and to try out some new things....we got to know more of Marseille together....including traffic jams and confusing tunnels under the city with really bad signage that always lead to the wrong direction...which then needs to be fixed by driving for several more minutes around and under and through.  HOWEVER, once you manage, there are delights to behold.....

We set out to find more Calanques (France's fjords) and our plan to visit the gorgeous Sormiou was halted by the closed access road...but amazing hikes will take you to Sormiou, which we have experienced and recommended to all who search the great beauty of Marseille's calanques....
We headed to Les Goudes and loved what we found on this lovely, albeit VERY windy spring day...

Just because it looks like Christine is crawling on all fours to avoid being too close to the edge doesn't mean that is true.... This place feels miles away from those tunnels and wrong turns we took in Marseille...
But, just swivel around, and there she is, Marseille....with Notre Dame le Gard, sittin' like a marble cherry on top.

And on another day, back to Marseille and the old port with the Mucem art museum and fabulous outdoor spaces bridging literally the gap between old and new....below are pics from in and around the Mucem.

Mini person wood sculpture only 18" tall and projection beyond at the Mucem!

50 centimes gets you across the old harbor on the local ferry.  Walking through the Panier district...


Mother's Day...almost bought that fixer upper (above) at the base of the trendy but slightly raw Panier district...or maybe just dreamt about it...and then toasted all MOM's we love... at the bistro Hotel St. Louis. Windswept but very content...

And at day's end I texted Arlo in Prague telling him that I was bummed that he was missing from my Mother's Day photo. So he took care of that, below. I love you Arlo! Knucklehead...

More Dolce Vita!!!!! Venice!

Finding an easel stand along the canal....

There is so much beauty in Venice, even though it may be crumbly and wet and decaying....On the few days we visited, we would wander around to eat, jump onto water taxis, do lots of people watching...then Frank would take off to find a particularly interesting area where canals, sky, architecture and footbridges co-exist...and produced these delightful miniature painting "postcards" extolling Venice's particular brand of beauty.....

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, 5x7"
Striped Gondola Poles denoting Family Name, 5x7"
Dogs allowed on the Vaporettos, if the captain has no objections.

Gorgeous Grand Canal,  Venice
Venice Canal, 5x7". sweet!

Proposal in action on random foot bridge in Venice..See the two figures huddled on the bridge? As we walked by, one guy proposed to the other...after the proposal registered in his brain, there was a nervous second while we all quickly looked at each other with panic....until he answered with great joy....
then I had to take a pic (so uncool of me, I know). 

Let it be known that squid ink pasta isn't just for eating. Jorgie drew her dad...
...and then mixed him up! 

This is as good as he got on this trip. Barely enough strength to join us for lunch...then he'd go back to bed. 
And Arlo barely survived a cold (his blood was in a lab being tested back in France) that got so bad on our final day that we walked him thru alleys, losing our way several times, thru the rain at midnight, to the emergency room, into a courtyard, filled with cats (yes, cats, all over, on the hospital grounds)...the doc checked his throat with his iPhone flashlight (um hum). Results showed a double whammy of mono and pneumonia. Solid rest and meds and food got him through, plus sleeping in his own bed helped too. If you see Arlo, ask him how he most likely contracted mono. It's a good story.