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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Painting with Frank on Monhegan: Happy Artists!

Here are some pictures from the Monhegan painting workshop....Six days of hard work and painting and 6+ hours of painting instruction daily.  I heard there were 2 wine and cheese critiques and lunch  delivered to remote painting locations! The Island Inn hosted all the painters with great style and service. As usual, Frank never took a break....Let us know if you want to join in NEXT TIME!

Painting in Lobster Cove, Jamie Wyeth house in the background.

Lobster Cove on a chilly, sunny day

The gorgeous Island Inn, just up from the town dock

Friday, June 5, 2015

Local Color: Frank Bruckmann at the Island Inn, Monhegan, ME

Catch the ferry over to Monhegan Island this summer!  And when you get there, walk up from the town dock and duck into the gracious Island Inn to see their summer show.....about 40 paintings by Frank. This show is Local Color,  mostly island paintings, with a few from the Breaking Bread series, some still lifes and portraits from Frank's New Haven studio.

Go to Frank's website for some close up views of his Monhegan Island work.  Let us know if you are venturing out to Monhegan, as we will be on island for most of July and half of August, and would love to show you his work, and perhaps grab a lobster and some of that Monhegan Island Brew...

Dining Room at the Island Inn. All ready for the summer season

Fish House, Red Truck

Wharf in Fog, 9x12