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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Drama of the Rising Sun and Monhegan Beauty

Around the clock Monhegan is gorgeous in it's many painting subjects and so it is my pleasure to show off more of Frank's very recent, still wet canvasses from the past week or so. We have been given almost completely sunny days, so it is hard for Frank to resist going outside to start new work, when a rainy day would certainly give him time to finish the other beginnings. Well, some down time has been found and so here are some finished pieces to on any of the images below for a larger, more detailed view of these beauties, below....keep checking in for more work, or better yet, take a moment to jump thru the hoops and SIGN-IN to the BLOG for a direct email to your inbox. Prices? available upon request!

Misty Afternoon over Manana.  11x14" original painting by Frank Bruckmann.

Sherm's Fish House 16 x 20". Original painting by Frank Bruckmann

Sunrise and Surf under Whitehead. 9 x 12". Original painting by Frank Bruckmann

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunrise and Main Street Monhegan Paintings. FRESH!

Odom Fish House 16x20" original oil by Frank Bruckmann©

From North End Market across the Meadow.  16x20"original oil by Frank Bruckmann©

These paintings of Monhegan village show what you would see walking down Main Street.  Standing on the ex-North End Market porch, Frank spent many mornings into the afternoon working on these.

The Gull Rock painting depicts the south east side of Monhegan, less than a mile from the village. Gorgeous formations of rock tumbling into the sea.  I love the way the morning light casts that soft pastel glow on the top half of the rock.  More paintings to be posted!

Morning Light on Gull Rock  12x16". original oil by Frank Bruckmann©