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Thursday, August 30, 2018

100% Style, All the Way!

To the airport: 
The BRV (big red van) came with 2 overly considerate chauffeurs, Tim and Jaime, a fully stocked fridge and Riley came along as the cherry on top!
Piled into the BRV with the Kanes

Even Sushi!
At JFK posing with all our luggage (and Riley)
Across the Pond to Paris:  
Air France with personal touch screens and hours of movies, music, meditation exercises, real time flight screens; sleep masks, blankets and “refreshing wet towels” in flight. 

Touchdown at Orly, Paris.

“Comfort” Hotel in outskirts of Dijon: 
Let’s just say, the best part of the Chinese buffet (ugh) at the hotel, besides the location, was the gelato. Side note: Arlo and Frank conspired to have me unknowingly eat Kermit. And 2nd side note, not what I envisioned for my first meal in France. 

To the South of France: Le Renault Espace: roomy enough for our 4 bodies, 5 large suitcases, 4 carry-ons, dog crate and dog, but barely able to fit down village streets.

All along the autoroute: rest stops are stocked, pleasant and don’t sell dog food, but a ham sandwich sufficed. The cashier showed me pictures of her dog.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!

Last days of scrambling around packing and being lured out for coffee, dog walks, dinner with friends who love Matt's cooking, a bon voyage garden party, a salty morning dip in the ocean, delightful family dinner at Rawa or just one game of darts....Frank's studio already closed, gardening tasks totally undone, dog just hoping for one more ball toss, Arlo off somewhere....

Who remembers the "Beach House" on Compo Beach in Westport? They closed the year Frank and I started of the relics Jamie bestowed upon us is the scale we've been using to make sure all of our bags are within strict airline isn't the bulky things (like an old rusty scale with layers of cheese stickers) so much I love holding onto, but without them I'm afraid I will lose the attached memory. Just like Frank and I started out together then, we are moving off on another adventure post from France (unless something interesting happens first)