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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

YALE Commission: Phyllis Curtin, American Soprano

Back in the spring, Frank delivered this painting to the Branford College at Yale.  They were absolutely blown away with not only the likeness but the skill and the level of detail and his handling of the paint.  He was commissioned by the Yale University Art Gallery and took part in a celebration at the unveiling in the Branford College dining hall with friends and family of the late Curtin.

Phyllis Curtin was Head of Branford College at Yale during 1970's and early 80's. She is the first female to be portrayed and this commission was ordered under Elizabeth "Betsy" Bradley, current Head of Branford College, and the second woman to earn this title.

The portrait will reside in the dining hall with the many other portraits of past Heads/Masters at Branford.
Portrait of Phyllis Curtin, American Soprano and Master of Branford College at Yale University
oil painting by Frank Bruckmann, 2016.