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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Our "Home" Town, Rognes.....

We chose well! This tiny village has already charmed us, and Frank has started what will be a very very productive phase. Although the narrow streets of Rognes barely accommodate two directions of traffic, this weekend enormous trucks are parked and popped open wide to create a carnival and weekend long “Fete Votive Rognes”. 

The bandstand blared with a French pop band doing covers of disco era music (lead singer looked like Barry Manilow with a very stiff wig and more make up than Tammy Faye Baker; back up singers in purple and pink satin.) All contrasted by the day time scene of cobbles, Cyprus trees, stone walls, fountains, outdoor cafes and pigeons. (see fountain photo in last blog entry!)

And this attraction, slide into a deflated water balloon, and then get blown and thrown into an inflated pool, pretend you are in a hamster ball....

Hilarious, and would NEVER be approved in the States.....

And....Frank and I married ourselves in front of my family and 2 friends, at the gorgeous Chapel St. Sixte in Egalyieres, Provence, 18 years we returned to show the kids...lovely.

Yesterday, Frank and Arlo resurfaced our gravel driveway to accommodate a BOULES court. It works. Just a bit chunky and clunky....

And after a quick dip to cool off, Frank went out to catch the afternoon light. Hazel and I met up with him on his way home.


  1. Hello again Bruckmans.
    Your adventure in France leads me to share with you another couple that set off to begin a new chapter of life - a life in Hungary.

    Adam & Aliz von Dioszeghy are new/old friends that we hooked up with in May 017 in Budapest and in their country home close to a small village of Sur.

    Between the two of them they have written 3 books about their lives. My reviews of these three books are at:

    Hope things are going well with you.

  2. Further to my last. If you click on the book images you will see my reviews.

    1. thank you Don! you have woven an amazing web of people in your life....