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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"When Can I Paint?" asks Frank Bruckmann while Acclimating....

Sorting out all the stuff that needs to happen (car, phones, bank stuff) has stalled Frank's focus on getting out there to paint....naturally. He has slipped away a few times locally and yesterday a trip to the airport car rental place was rewarded with a drive to the coast of Marseille where the limestone rocks tumble into the turquoise Mediterranean! We found a tiny port in a jumble of curvy roller coaster-y narrow streets and soaked in the smells and breezes for a while...and Frank had packed our paints, so we both got out there and sketched for an hour. Lovely....

Back in our new village home, I shot some pics of the surroundings:
and the Pamplemousse corner store sells chanterelles:

Frank walking away from the house and towards his on-site studio with determination!

That day he snuck away for a few hours to practice French with those passing by and painted this lovely little "sketch"