Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh Pennsylvania! We will see you in October!!

Soft Sunrise.  32x42. original oil painting by Frank Bruckmann
Dear Pennsylvania:

Frank and I and the kids are missing your soft dewy mornings, your grazing cows and sunny summer vacation, family-filled days....

Please don't take it badly that we've chosen another state for this summer's focus....should I tell you the name? Maybe you've heard of it?  The name is Maine...we are headed north this weekend, for nearly 7 weeks and will be kept busy painting craggy coastline and marine fog and things so centered on the sea, that you might not understand...

Don't worry dear, we are returning in early fall, when Frank will turn his eye back to you and paint the landscapes of Indian summer. We are planning to have our almost annual show, this year, in October. In fact,  Saturday, October 6th, which is during Colombus Day Weekend, so please, save the date.

By scheduling our show in October, we hope to reach your people who seem to spend a lot of time visiting that playful and seductive next door neighbor of yours, that good time gal, New Jersey....

We will leave you with the above image that compliments your world at dawn awakening.  Such misty softness and rich mornings you provide.  Such excellent material for this very recent painting....

We will miss you, Pennsylvania. Until the fall, adieu.

Hugs and kisses
The Bruckmann Family

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  1. I love this picture, I hope you all have a great time in Maine...Frank your work is so beautiful. Love you guys.