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Friday, October 5, 2018

Rognes: The "Hometown" Village Series

Rognes has so much variety for a small village, perfect for Frank:  ruins, farmhouses, miles of vineyards, churches, cobbled streets, dense village center, charming shuttered windows, doors and is just a taste of some of those things...

For those of you who are Patrons* text me if you fall in love with a sweet 5x7" (notice dimensions of all paintings in captions below) and I will ship it off once it is dry! But no need to rush, there will be many more to come...
Traspigut Vines. 10x20"oil painting by Frank Bruckmann®
Chemin in Rognes. 5x7"oil painting by Frank Bruckmann®
Traspigut Bastide. 9x12"oil painting by Frank Bruckmann®
Vineyard.Mas.Mountains 5x7"oil painting by Frank Bruckmann®
Eglise in Rognes 5x7"oil painting by Frank Bruckmann®

*Patrons have funded Frank's trip by buying a painting ahead of time. The $1000 down payment comes with a fantastic extra bonus, a gem of a 5x7" oil painting that I will send to you during our sabbatical in Provence! If you want to know more about becoming a Patron of Frank, get in touch. 

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